Observing the possible Elementary School

So if you are able to decide which primary school to enroll your child. One of the best ways to gather information to make a wise decision to schedule observations of potential schools. Bring a notebook with you to write down your comments so that you will remember everything when you get home.

The facility

What does the building look like inside and out? This large, small, well-maintained, inviting, and rundown? Check out our classrooms, administrative offices, the cafeteria and the restrooms. All of these areas are the areas that affect children directly and indirectly. While a fancy building is not equal to a well-functioning primary school, a well-maintained one often does not. If the room looks well cared for, chances are your students will too. Also, check out the classrooms are equipped and decorated. Do you want to spend hours a day on one of the classroom? If so, your child is likely to enjoy the space.


Much of the learning process in the playground. Children learn how to engage in social relationships, how to swing, play ball, and climb the jungle gym. It is a place where lifelong friendships are forged. There is plenty of room to play, laugh, run around, and develop gross motor skills? Is the playground equipment looks safe? The students watched a playground monitors, so they are safe?


What’s for lunch? The food is served in the school cafeteria will tell you something about the overall program. Students eating relatively healthy dishes prepared by the staff and brought to their homes? There acoustics so loud that you can not hear your thoughts, or is it quiet enough for students to have a peaceful meal with friends? If your child is going to buy lunch, are dishes such as salad bar, pizza or sandwich? Having options is a child probably see something desirable and actually eat something every day.

Students and teachers

One of the key findings that while you are viewing each elementary school, the students and the teachers. Stay in quiet, yet respectful tone used throughout the school community. You have to see smiling, commitment and respect. If problems arise, look at how they are treated. Verify that the Disciplinary techniques are connected to yours.

The primary school children in your choice of a fundamental influence on her development. Not only does your son or daughter to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, she will learn how to engage the community. The appropriate academic environment can only be a place where children can thrive.

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